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  • Beer trademarks are heating up. Zachary Hiller Patent Attorney Houston, TX

    The craft brewing world is booming. According to the Brewers Association, craft breweries in the US have seen a double digit growth pattern for almost a decade. It seems that there are two things that craft brewers really like: a quality brew and some really funny puns. The craft beer field is full of punny […]

  • Apple iphone Apple Patents Latest News Zachary Hiller Patent Attorney Houston TX

    There has been an interesting development in the world of Apple patents. It appears that the tech giant has obtained a patent that would allow the company to utilize infrared sensors to remotely interact with phones. The blog Patently Apple reported that this is part of 44 newly granted patents for Apple this week. These patent […]

  • Lessons From The Net Neutrality Ruling. Zachary Hiller Law Houston, TX

    There is huge news from the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Yesterday the court had a ruling that will impact anyone and everyone who uses the internet. Today we will look at lessons from the net neutrality ruling, what it is in general, who it benefits, and who it […]

  • ed sheeran copyright infringement. Zachary Hiller Law Houston TX

    Copyright crusades in the music industry are unfortunately very common. Authors create copyrights when they express their ideas into or onto a tangible medium, which means they are the ones with the legal rights to their work. If an artist owns that work, they are the only one who can lawfully sell or use said work. If anyone […]

  • Taylor Swift Instagram

    I ran across a story this week that highlights a theme that we have touched on in a previous blog about social media and copyright infringement. It involves social media law, fan art, and in this case, Taylor Swift. The dust-up started on Halloween 2004; when Taylor Swift posted, what appeared to be, fan art on […]

  • Graphic designers arent always work for hire

    We have written a lot about copyright law from a number of perspectives, from fan fiction to YouTube. While these are fun jaunts for a IP geek, they don’t often have real life applications in the business world.  Today we are tackling something that many businesses bump into in a freelance economy. The business world is […]

  • Keurig may be licensing IP technology to Mr. Coffee

    I was out shopping the other day and I noticed a product that warmed the heart of any IP attorney. It was a Mr. Coffee coffee maker, with the Kuerig K-cup sticker on the box. That doesn’t seem so surprising since many small appliance manufacturers have jumped in on the single serve coffee bandwagon. What […]

  • Zachary Hiller Law Prior Art and Patent Law, patent sketch

    Some would say that there are areas of patent law that are fundamentally broken. The tech blog, Gizmodo, made the case for this in an article several years back when they pointed to the many tech lawsuits between Apple, HTC, Samsung and Nokia. In the article they noted that in certain sectors patent trolls, of […]

  • Zachary Hiller Law To Kill a Mocking Bird

    Is all art simply a commodity to be bought and sold, garnering a profit for those who know how? Who are the true beneficiaries of copyright law? Some are saying, corporations, which continue to profit from other’s intellectual property after the creator of a successful piece passes on. A recent LA Times article discusses the […]

  • Zachary Hiller Law. How to raise capital, hand holding cash

    As an attorney in private practice I have a unique insight into what it takes to run a small business. I know the daily balance between running the business and working on a passion. I have a passion for the law; I find it fascinating, challenging and exciting. I look forward to coming to work […]