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Don’t assume that your original book, film, computer program, or other work of art is safe online or in the market. If you haven’t established an official copyright, you may be setting yourself up for frustrating and costly legal battles in the future. Let the attorneys at the Law Office of Zachary Hiller help you obtain official copyright protection and safeguard your original work of art.

What is a Copyright?

A copyright protects works of authorship like books, music, films, and other works of art that are tangibly expressed. While a person may have “common law” rights to a creative work once expressed in a “fixed medium,” it is important to seek official copyright registration prior to marketing a book, song, movie, computer program, or any other form of creative expression. A registered copyright evidences the date of creation and places others on notice as to your rights to your original work.

Failure to protect your work with a registered copyright can prove to be an expensive mistake if someone else tries to pass your work off as their own. That’s because the burden of proof falls on you to show that you were the first person to come up with the idea.

How Can The Law Office of Zachary Hiller Safeguard My Ideas?

The simplest way to protect your rights is to contact the Law Office of Zachary Hiller. We are particularly skilled at obtaining copyright protection for a wide variety of works of authorship. Mr. Hiller can guide you through the sometimes tedious process of protecting your ideas by:

  • Obtaining an official copyright.

  • Assist you in maintaining and protecting your rights.

  • Preparing legal agreements that would allow others to use your work.


Why Choose Zachary Hiller?

If you have created an original work, such as a book, photograph, song, computer application, it may benefit you to register that work of authorship.  Whether you are an individual, small business owner, or entrepreneur, the Law Office of Zachary Hiller can help you protect your rights and ensure the integrity of your original work is not compromised or stolen.


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