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By practicing several tried-and-true litigation avoidance techniques, Mr. Hiller has successfully represented clients, through mediation, in a variety of disputes; often without taking a single...

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Licensing Agreements and Technology Transfers

In today’s global business environment, your brand name can be a very valuable item indeed. In fact, a well curated brand may be valuable enough...

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Business Formations and Transactions

The law office of Zachary Hiller specializes in catering to the complete needs of its business and corporate clients from inception to final sale or...

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Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Contracts are used to define relationships and set expectations between individuals or businesses. Without a mutually agreed upon contract, it can be difficult for business...

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Trade Secrets

Some of the most valuable assets that a business can own is their trade secrets. For example, the Google Search Algorithm is considered a trade...

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Cyberjacking and

Domain Hijacking

The digital world is getting larger every second, which means it’s becoming quite challenging to protect yourself and your business. Cybersquatting and domain hijacking are...


Civil Litigation

No one wants to go to trial, but sometimes it is inevitable. That’s why, from your first consultation, Mr. Hiller considers your situation from a...

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Don’t assume that your original book, film, computer program, or other work of art is safe online or in the market. If you haven’t established...

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